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Giasone Cashmere Allevamento biologico

… As soft as a dream …

Giasone Cashmere was founded to make an effort to preserve the history of made in Italy handicraft and to look after our biodiversity.

Our ethical standards permit to every customer to be a part of the agricultural maintenance of the italian territory, with a strong benefit for future generations.

Cashmere GoatsItalian Cashmere Crafts

Our cashmere goats help us to clean the abandoned plots of land that are spread around the country in exchange for the fabulous cashmere that our goats are going to produce. Using the most advance process of targeted grazing we are trying to take care of our lands respecting the natural biodiversity.

Following the natural life cycle of our goats we can create some collectors’ items that can be able to represent the Italian beauty over time.

Capre Cashmere Allevamento Italiano Giasone

Our tradition of excellence

Our products are completely Made In Italy and characterized form the serious attention to details.

Our cashmere is naturally elegance and our weavers are able to use the most recent design trend without loosing the traditional italian elegance.

From an experimental mix of Italian textile tradition and the most modern design concept you can see the seduction of Italy contained on the warmth and lightness of our pieces.

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    Take care of our country…

    Management of targeted grazing to clean the abandoned plots of land.

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    Our Italian Cashmere..

    Our goats are selected for producing the best italian kashmir.

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    Design and develop…

    We develop the most modern design concept that can represent italian elegance.

Square meters of abandoned land cleaned each 10 cashmere goats
Average Fiber Diameter
Hours of hand working for each scarf

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