Cashmere Goats

The cashmere goat (also known as Kashmir goat) is scientifically defined as a hircus goat. Basically is a kind of goat that has been selected over the past centuries for the typical wool that are able to produce. We can find many different kind of cashmere goat that are defined from the origin zone with usually small morphological differences but similar cashmere produced (for example the Australian cashmere goats, the Kazakhstan cashmere goats…).

The amount of cashmere produced from every goats is usually between 150 to 400 grams and after it has been combed it needs to be divided from the guard hair and other impurities.

We are trying to select and increase the quality of our cashmere using also an annually fiber test (called OFDA 100) to make sure that we can decide which male would be the one used for the seasoning stud. In this way we are improving year after year the quality of our cashmere and the results can be seen on our standard quality of products that is raising continuously.

Not only Cashmere …

Even if we know the good quality of the cashmere goat milk we prefer to have a sustainable grown of the held so we do not milk our goats.

Cashmere goats are quite common all over the world and are really appreciated also as animals for the pet-therapy and the targeting grazer.

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Our objectives.

Targeted Grazing

With the targeted grazing we are finding a new use for abandoned plots of land.

Reduce the risk of fire

With the correct land management we are reducing the risk of fire.

Preserve the excellence of italian luxury handicraft

With the development of new design we are preserving weaving and textile italian traditions.

Our Values.

Giasone Cashmere is structured to permit to our flock of cashmere goats to live as they would do in a primitive location.

We have a mixture of grazing land and forest so the animals can decide what to eat.

The targeted grazing is used only in places where we can be sure that have not been used pesticide and insecticide: we want preserve our goats first of all because they are considered a part of our family.

To protect the goats against wolves we have a fence area and the two guard dog Diana and Athena (two maremma sheepdog) are a strong deterrence factor.

We sell cashmere goats also for didactics farms and pet-therapy.

Please contact us to know the goats availability.

Giasone Cashmere Short Master programmes:

  • Cashmere goats history and diffusion
  • Cashmere goats management
  • Defense method and mitigation risks (wolf friends)
  • Livestock Guardian Dogs
  • Cashmere combing and process techniques
  • Luxury Marketing (Base)
  • Weaving craft and Arts

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