Raise cashmere goats in Italy.

On the map you can see the italian Cashmere Goats Breeder where Giasone Cashmere produces the Best Italian Cashmere.

Some of the most important natur park and farmhouse in Italy have decided to raise Cashmere Goats in partnership with Giasone Cashmere.


Allevamenti Capre Cashmere Italia


You can find the best italian cashmere goats here:

  • Parco Naturale di Cervia: 32 hectares with an Adventure Park for kids and families.
  • B&B La Daina Bianca: Farmhouse with Bardigiani Horses where you can have fun and see the targeted grazing management with cashmere goats.
  • Santa Paolina Farm: a lot of events in particular for school and tourist, here you can find fallow deers, cashmere goats and many other species.

Giasone Cashmere is a project with the objective to clean abandoned lands and select the best italian cashmere.