Capra Cashmere prodotti kashmir

Italian Luxury Handicraft Weaving

Each product from Giasone Cashmere will narrate you an history, a landscape, a value and is absolutely unique from the details that only the handmade italian manufacturing can guarantee.

From an experimental mix of Italian textile tradition and the most modern design concept you can see the seduction of Italy contained on the warmth and lightness of our pieces.

Each product is the result of three generations of handmade high fashion.

Our products are completely Made In Italy and characterized form the serious attention to details.

Our cashmere is naturally elegant and our weavers are able to use the most recent design trend without loosing the traditional italian elegance.

Periodically we organize short courses about the traditional Italian weaving.

Capre Cashmere Allevamento e Vendita.produzioni Artigianali

Giasone Cashmere Collections

... As soft as a dream ...

Handicraft weaved with antique wooden loom

100% Cashmere

100% Biological and Sustainable

Completely Personalised

Made to measure after the order

Process followed by the client that is considered to be a part of our family work

The Development Process

  • The first idea is Your idea

    Let us know how do you interpret of our Values so our designers will find the most appropriate luxury handicraft for you.

  • Be part of the process

    Work with us during the creation process so your handicraft already unique will be your since the beginning of the creation.

  • Design & Develop

    We will complete the production and you will receive the Giasone Cashmere handicraft on our Special Package, we will affix a seal to be sure you will be the first to open the package.

Capre Cashmere Allevamento e produzione