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Giasone Cashmere in Europe

Giasone cashmere presented as innovative sustainable project in Europe.

Our values and … Sustainable Fashion future…

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Giasone Cashmere great success at Pause Pop-Up 2017

Giasone Cashmere Sustainable Success Made in Italy

Giasone Cashmere has presented the innovative way to SUSTAINABLE LUXURY

A great weekend of Sustainable and Fashion in Amsterdam.

A really nice location of Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam where Giasone Cashmere has presented the next winter collection 2017/2018 of Sustainable Luxury plus the previewfor the Summer Collection 2018.

The first production of sweaters and accessories made with the best cashmere and Cashmere and Silk to represent the italian way to elegance and conscious fashion. With the tradition of details attention and artisan handmade gained with generation of handmade wood textile expertise. Giasone Cashmere has selected the best handmade technique for an exclusive production connected with the italian origins of the european handmade handicrafts.

Sweaters with simple design that doesn’t mean an easy way to represent the elegance but the attention to the proportions. Using basic colors and pastels with the best italian cashmere is our way to  produce Sustainable Luxury.

Giasone has been selected due to his innovative way to represent sustainability in a target market that usually doesn’t pay so much attention to ethic values: SUSTAINABLE LUXURY.

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