Sciarpa da Uomo in Cashmere



  • FABRIC: Cashmere – Silk
  • MANUFACTURE: handmade with wood loom
  • COLORS: White, Natural Silk
  • COLLECTION: Beta 2016/17
  • DIMENSIONS: 180 x 41 cm (70 X 16 in)



Scarf handmade in Italy with Cashmere and Silk, soft and linear as only the cashmere can be and shininess as only the silk can be.

Bene Agendo Nunquam Defessus


Handmade Cashmere Scarf with weft of silk and warp of cashmere. A slow production to give points of light into an ordered cashmere pattern. Those are the lights to express the warmth of your Giasone Cashmere scarf.

Linear, Strength & Pureness

This scarf is handmade with our artisan. We respect our cashmere goats so we think that we must use their cashmere in a elegance way. To wear Giasone Cashmere accessories means be unique and ready to follow your Principles out of mass.


Send us Your request. We will make your personal Cashmere Scarf Made in Italy.