Sciarpa da Donna in Cashmere



  • FABRIC: Cashmere 100%
  • MANUFACTURE: handmade with wood loom
  • COLORS: White, Slate Grey, Pearl Grey
  • COLLECTION: Beta 2016/17
  • DIMENSIONS: 180 x 41 cm (70 X 16 in)



Cashmere Scarf where the white cashmere pattern is interrupted by  cashmere grey that underlines the slow weaving process. Designed inspiring to the amanuensis monks lifestyle where the classic day by day life was interrupted with a few moments of absolute creativity.

Dicendo Discitur


Let Monachum Cashmere Scarf to warm up your winter days. Just take care of yourself and enjoy the cold season when the Time has a different value.

Linear, Strength & Pureness

This scarf is handmade with our artisans. We respect our cashmere goats so we think that we must use their cashmere in a elegance way. To wear Giasone Cashmere accessories means be unique and ready to follow your Principles out of mass.


Send us Your request. We will make your personal Cashmere Scarf Made in Italy.