Livestock Guardian Dogs

Giasone Cashmere Allevamento biologico
Giasone Cashmere has two livestock guardian dogs: Diana and Atena. They stay with the group of animals and they protect as a full-time member of the flock.

Giasone Cashmere was the first experimental project in Northern Italy to use the maremma sheepdog in Emilia Romagna (a county in Northern Italy) to reduce the losses of sheep and goats due to wolves attacks.

Our Natural Defense …

Our dogs have been introduced to livestock as puppies so they imprint on the animals.

Today Diana and Atena interact with the goats as a part of the same family and they have naturally developed a sequence of tactics and strategy to defeat the location and the goats.

Cane guardiania Difesa gregge

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs: Diana & Atena

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