Giasone Cashmere represents the sustainable way to discover the Italian tradition of cashmere knitwear and cashmere accessories, in one definition: the sustainable Cashmere Made in Italy. Giasone has discovered the best artisan in Emilia Romagna and other places in Italy to propose the most luxury approach to the cashmere world. Cashmere it’s a luxury fine fiber but it needs to be transformed slowly and be treated as gentle as possible to maintain the softness in each garment produced.



Only with the experience of several years of cashmere goats farming the Giasone Cashmere Family has been able to notice the difference between the cheap cashmere and the luxury cashmere.

Since cheap cashmere (never really cheap) is often associated in Asia with may desertification problems that way cannot be the Italian way to approach a luxury production. How somebody can feel good to use a product that can create several problems for future generations?!

Giasone Cashmere has now selected the best cashmere with ethic values to start the production of a luxury knitwear cashmere collection, something that gives the right importance to each detail and will let you feel comfortable in every instant of your day.

Wearing a Giasone Cashmere garment and accessory express the elegance and the culture of taking care of yourself while supporting a sustainable approach. With the cashmere goats Giasone Cashmere is cleaning abandoned lands in different regions of Italy to give back to the territory an important service for the future generations.

If for your next present you will decide to buy a Giasone Cashmere product you will spread some important values and buy a sustainable luxury garment completely Made in Italy.