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4月 25 / 意大利制造羊绒, 意大利奢侈品, 意大利奢侈手工艺品, 意大利羊绒, 意大利羊绒围巾, 手工艺品定制产品

Collection Italian Design Handicrafts Giasone Cashmere 2016

Collection 2016 Handicrafts Giasone Cashmere

Collection Cashmere Handicrafts Italian Design by Giasone Cashmere.

Design by Giasone Cashmere Year 2016, 4 models to represent four different landscapes that Giasone Cashmere has helped to recover.

Giasone Cashmere



This New Collection of Giasone Cashmere for 2016 represent with the design the elegance reach with the targeted grazing on different landscapes where Giasone Cashmere has operated during the last year.

Regain the possibility to use abandoned plot of land is the best way to respect the nature and give the possibility to evaluate how let be overcome with emotion just to see the landscape.

Four models: each one represent a different approach that Giasone Cashmere has used to clean territories with targeted grazing.

The Italian Design is easy recognizable as the passion for elegance that these scarves can demonstrate.



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Giasone Cashmere


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Collection Giasone Cashmere